Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Glaucus Blue

Glaucus blue the color used to describe the bluish/grayish/purplish/greenish color of ornamental kales and cabbages used in this fall planting.

Peacock kales and ruby red cabbages. The colors get even better with cooler temperatures. The red vein's of the kales will intensify

It's nice when a plant from a earlier planting works with a new planting. Here the purple clover leaf of Oxalis still looks great in the fall planting, and does well in cool temperatures

Lemon Cyprus with a collar of ornamental kales

Glaucus blue, this we like

Friday, October 13, 2017

The colors of a fall garden

Fall has arrived here in Michigan, though you would not know it by the weather, we are still dealing with summer like tempatures

Fall is a favorite time of years, funny I used to hate fall.
Maybe it has something to do with age, maybe I'm just tired of summer. 
Maybe I'm just tired

I can remember a lady once asked me if I was glad it was fall "doesn't your work load ease up this time of year"
"Nope" I told her, it just changes

Fall planting does put you in a certain kind of gardening mood, your more relaxed
The colors of the fall garden , or in the color scheme of this garden are more relaxed too.

Take a look and enjoy the colors of the fall garden

Friday, October 6, 2017

Chia people

And, again I have forgotten the artist name.
But enjoy these "Chia People" sculptures.

I apologize.