Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Feeling Blue

Recently I came across this beautiful planting of bluebells that have naturalized in an old garden
This we like

Enjoy spring!

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Early spring

So the calendar say's that spring has arrived. Here in Michigan, anyone who has been a resident for more  than a year knows that  just because the calendar say's spring, it's not. We still have another month and a half of winter like weather to get through  

So when a client of mine requested a spring pot make over I had to remind her it's not spring yet, the ground is still frozen and there won't be any planting going on for some time in these parts.
But I could redo her pots with a early spring arrangement. She was happy I could help. 

The day that I started this project was beautiful, temps in the 60's and sunny a spring like day. I laughed to myself when my client told me we were expecting snow the next day "no way is it going to snow "

I chose to use pussy willow  branches for my project. The willow would give me height, interest, and they were in season. Along with some Eucalyptus and some fake grasses I could make this work

As I said it was a beautiful day. Here's a photo of the backyard maze, we'll revisit it in a later post

The ground level pot's are made of concrete that has been painted white with metal loop insets. Very contemporary 

The next day it did snow, not a lot but just enough to delay the finishing of the containers. You can see the melting snow on the lawn The pots were  completed with a collar of green preserved Eucalyptus

The fountain at the front of the house has not been filled with water yet, and is still some what of an eyesore, especially since it is at the front of the house. I filled the pots with an explosion of pussy willow branches and a collar of the green Eucalyptus.

When spring really does come I plan to add  actual plants. Right now we'll just enjoy the early spring.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Thursday, March 9, 2017

A beautiful combination

What do you think of this annual planting, I love it. I think I will try  this combination this year. Marigolds and Zinnia's.
I have always loved Zinnia's, their simple flower shape and the range of colors has always brought me joy.
Marigolds are an old favorite not used so much in plantings these days,.
I think it's time to bring them back into the garden. Stay tuned.