Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Don't think pink

When it was time for annuals we decided to do something different from the neighbors who 
seemed to all be planting pink flowers.

I had planted a border of Coleus and Caladiums in a shady back border the previous year with much success.  We liked it so much, and decided to expand that look to the rest of the border gardens,
and shake up the neighbors a little.

And yes Coleus can tolerate sunny locations.

The front porch pots were planted with Banana trees,Coleus, and petunia's

I hand selected the coleus making sure all the colors worked together, a good dose of chartreuse was used which brought all the colors together. The New Guinea act as a sort of safety belt that echo the colors of the petunia's in the containers

Sunday, August 6, 2017

A cottage in the city

My friend and fellow gardener has been very naughty.  She has stepped outside of the cookie cutter style gardens of  her suburban neighborhood, and is creating a cottage style garden.
Complete with a picket fence, a privet hedge and walkways lined with perennials on either side.
Oh the nerve !!!  

The backyard features a perennial garden with a irregular path running through it, and a delightful screened in porch as well as a stone patio with seating, and a table.
The Japanese maple was a recent purchase, the gold/green color brightens up the garden.

The front garden is surrounded by a privet hedge that the previous owner planted many years ago.
The hedge does require regular maintenance, but it's a keeper.

The Adirondack chairs provide a shady viewing spot in the lawn and they match the picket fence.

Guest enter the front garden trough the picket gate, and walk along the perennial lined walk.

Some times you just have to be a little naughty, and follow your dreams, after all rules are meant to be broken.

This we like

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Fire works

Traditionally fire works are set off during some sort of celebration
The garden is a celebration so why not add some pop to it

In this garden there are several container plantings that feature variegated Nasturtiums. Do they not resemble small explosions?

The show stoppers of this summer border are the Monarda's.
Along with other annuals they are like fireworks.

This is a garden to celebrate.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

A garden of character.

The character of a garden rely's solely on the home owner, my job is to interpit this character
as best I can through the plantings.
Here's a garden with lots of character

Friday, June 30, 2017

Party season

The season for outdoor parties is upon us, I was happy to help out with the container plantings.
Take a look.