Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas at home

Here's a look at some of the Christmas decorations at our house
 I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Missed opportunities.

Winter has arrived here in Michigan, though the calendar still say's it's fall' when the tempature dipps below freezing, and there is about 6" of snow on the ground, it's winter.
I'm knee deep in the middle of doing my winter pots and holiday decorating

Not all of my clients celebrate Christmas, but they have containers that  they don't want to be left cold and empty
The solution is Winter pots.
A garden for the cold season, and we get about five months of it.

Using materials that are winter hardy, cut evergreens, preserved Eucalyptus and yes even fake fruit
work perfectly. These pots laugh at frigid temps

These containers will welcome guest through the winter month's, and will remain looking good until the weather breaks in spring

A empty container is a missed opportunity do some winter pots. This we like!

Monday, December 5, 2016

Tis the season

The decorating season has arrived, time to decorate the garden for the holidays and for winter. Though it does not feel like winter here in Michigan at all, Oh I'm not complaining, we have enjoyed warmer than usual temperatures for this time of the year.
 It does make decorating less of a chore

Because I am a Gardner, my decorating style reflects this. Pots and containers usually reserved for plantings are now filled with cut evergreens, preserved Eucalyptus, fake holly branches and lights.

The choice to use red and silver in these  seasonal displays was not based on the traditional colors of the season, but more for the way they are read from the street

Decorating for the season is in my opinion just another form of gardening

Instead of a blanket of snow this garden has a blanket of leaves.
Technically it is still autumn,

Where there once were flowers there are now cut evergreens and branches 

Like the planting season you are still working with plant materials, and lots of greens.

Decorate your garden, enjoy the season  This we like !!