Sunday, June 29, 2014

The Garden Welcome

The entrance to your home should be inviting.
Here's a look at a front entrance garden I just planted.
Purple Nicotiana's are interplanted with a pink Cosmo's

Red cabbage from a spring planting was saved and used again, Licorice and purple petunia's were added around the Eugenia Topiary's


Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Blues are back in full swing.

One of my most favorite colors of the spring garden are the blues. Unlike the reds and yellows of summer blue opens the garden with a gentle ease and look wonderful against the emerging greens of spring.

I have the pleasure of working in, and enjoying this old garden with all of it's blues and spring wild-flowers that have been collected for many years.

 Quiet, yet powerful and never over whelming.

A froth of "Forget Me Nots" are allowed to become weedy. weaving in and out  and in between perennials we forgive their wild tendencies.

Trillium's start off white then fade to pink.

Some area's of this garden have been allowed to naturalize giving the sense that one might be at the edge of a forest. White Violets are  become a fragrant ground cover.

Other area's closer to the house give the feeling of formality.

Black Trillium's just about to open.

Geranium "Maculatum" gives color to the border of otherwise green ground covers in the front garden.

This is a garden I enjoy in it's blues.