Friday, March 30, 2018

Pusy willow time part 2 : What I did with the branches

Early, early early spring containers.  When a client say's she's tired of her winter containers, and would like a jump start on spring, I always try to accommodate.

It was a beautiful sunny day, about 40 degrees, and there was some snow on the ground.
The soil is still frozen, and it's too early to be planting anything. Pusy willow branches, boxwood cutting, preserved Eucalyptus and some silk stems were used.

The harshness of winter is over, but the warmth of spring is still a ways off.


Pusy willow time

The house is high end modern, and the arrangements in the pots reflect this feeling, the lavender collar of Eucalyptus softens the look

The branches are long, somewhat arching and full of fuzzy silver catskills when used in mass the effect is quite stunning

The fountain at the front of the house has not been filled with water yet, because of the weather, so arrangements were placed in container's and set in the basin of the fountain. Nobody wants to look at a empty hole. The branches give height too.

Maybe this is a new season for gardens, we'll call it Pusy willow time

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Pusy Willow time

One of my fondest memories is when my friend showed me the Pussy Willow that grew in his family's back yard. We were in Elementary school and ever since I was in love with these soft silver buds. 
My first sign of spring, along with "Robins"

It won't be long now  

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Frozen Landscapes by Kilian Schonberger

Spring arrives later this month. ( The calendar spring )

Which actually means we'll have another two month's of winter to get through here in Michigan.

We have been teased with a couple of rather pleasant days, sunshine ,warm air, and melting snow.

Then it snows again and we're back into winter.

So in the meantime we'll enjoy these Photo's by  Kilian Schonberger of frozen landscapes in Germany