Saturday, September 23, 2017

A summer in containers

I find it kinda funny though it's really quite sad that this time of year is when annuals look their best.
Here we are at the end of summer, and thoughts of fall are in our minds.

Some gardeners  have given up on summer annuals all together and can't wait to end the season by replacing the summer failures with Mum's
Mums, the last splash of color for the garden

This is the time of year when I find myself looking back as well as forward. A time to admire my hard work during the summer, what worked, and what didn't.

When summer containers still look good in the fall you know you did something right.
That is if you have not gotten frost yet

When you cringe a little at the thought of replacing or tossing out a plant,
you did good.

Here's a look at a summer container garden that has brought me much joy, it will be sad to say goodbye.

Keep in mind this is a show garden, and should look it's best at all times. A fall planting is in the works.

So we move on, this we like

Friday, September 15, 2017

The work of Jamie North

Jamie North uses concrete , shell, stone, and steel  to create these sculptures that resemble fragments of ruins where plants are growing and reclaiming once again.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Gone to the dogs

 The dog days of summer are upon us once again. The season of summer is closing in, and thoughts of  the fall garden are creeping into our minds. Soon it will be time for mum's, pumpkins, and bulbs for planting 

Funny how this time of year is when our gardens can look their best, or worst. Your either reveling in the seasons growth, or your ready to cut it all down because your garden has just gone to the dogs.

Blue saliva doesn't really show until late summer, here it's planted with a short Cleome

These window box put on a spectacular show this year, they looked good all season, but now is when they really start to show off

See what I mean about a garden gone to the dogs,  this moss topiary golden lab was a new feature for the garden. Along with a new planting of boxwood and ornamental onions, hechurea, and grasses

The perennial garden looks a little tattered, and is in need of some late summer maintenance

The hosta fountain garden still looks fresh. The hosta's are almost ready to bloom

A look through the garden gate

Hibiscus along the drive

The days grow shorter and the evenings a little cooler, still time though to enjoy. 
This may be the best the garden looks before it goes to the dogs