Thursday, August 25, 2016

Using vegetables and fruits in floral designs

I am by no means a Florist.
Though on occasion I have been asked to do some floral arrangements for special events, parties and such.
I can't turn them down, so I put something together for them 
After all my company is :
E.  E.  C  U M  M  I  N  G  S 
garden & design

I am always game for something that has to do with flowers, gardening, Landscape design, and floral design all fall into this spectrum.

One thing I love to do is incorporate fruits and vegetables into my work.
and why not? 
Fruits and vegetables  add a whole new texture to the arrangement, be that missing color, and just add more interest. 
Let's face it anyone can place cut flowers  in a vase and say"tah dah"
but when you add fruit it becomes "Tah Dah Bam Boom"

Here's a look at some flower arrangements that  use fruits and vegetables, and something to think about when you do your next flower arrangement.

Just have some extra fruits on hand just in case you or your guest get hungry.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Garden vegetables as art

Forgive me, the name of the photographer has escaped me.
Do however enjoy these wonderful photo's of garden vegetables,
 plants and blooms.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

A look back at July


 Summer here in Michigan has be hot, really hot, and dry.
 This July was one of  the hottest and driest on record
While most of us complained about the heat, the gardens loved it.
and why wouldn't they, most of the annuals we plant in our gardens are from tropical  parts of the world and love the heat


Hot and dry weather means that a Gardner has to work a  bit more.
Keeping up with watering can become a chore, and can really challenge a Gardner.
When mother nature holds off on the rain, gardeners have to step in.
It was definitely a summer for dragging out the water hoses, the sprinklers, and adding some extra minutes
to the irrigation systems.
Unless you prefer the straw and hay look of lawns .... you watered


Watering can be tricky, too much water and a plant my rot, too little and a plant may wilt and eventually die.
This is when plant knowledge comes into play
It's best to know how much water a plant really needs


Our July provided
temperatures averaging near 90 for most of the month.

Potato Vines


Not every plant enjoys the heat so much 
Some plants may bloom and then go into dormancy right in the height of the season, the heat was just too much for them, a form of protection
but most enjoy the heat and perform beautifully.

Here's a look at some of the plants in my garden that did enjoy the heat of July

Mandevilla's and Petunia's


 Purple cone flowers
Choke cherries

Butterburs enjoyed the heat, but not the drought or the blazing sun. These big leaf beauty's will wilt and look horrible without water and shade

Caladiums are another plant that enjoyed the heat, but not the sun. Their leaves will scorch in too much sun


Monday, August 8, 2016

Jamie North

Australian artist Jamie North creates these tiny green worlds.
Made from stone, concrete, and marble 
they resemble fragments from a lost civilization