Sunday, January 29, 2017

The Modern Whites of winter

The weather here in Michigan lends itself to the modern look, and the feel of the garden. Most of our days are grey, with a sky that can be the same color as the snow covered ground.
The landscape of winter can be a austere one, with seamless lines between the sky and the horizon

The choice to use white and silver materials along with evergreens in these winter containers was an easy one. This client also has a particular love of white and modern, as you can see by the house 

The snow covered landscape plays a big part of the modern look of these containers

Texture is provided in the centerpieces by the preserved Eucalyptus, and birch branches that still have their catskills attached creating a wispy dangling effect

 Collars of Magnolia branches and evergreen Noble Fir mimic the colors of the landscape. Here you can see how the sky and the ground are almost the same color.

The drained fountain at the front of the house was an unsightly hole that the client did not want to look at all winter if by chance there was no snow. Painted willow branches in pots with evergreen collars become modern sculptures themselves. It did snow.

The snow also provides a white and clean background to the evergreens. This is a landscape that get's better with the snow cover. Everything that's not white stands out in contrast.

The modern look of winter whites. This we like.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

A return to winter snow

And yes the sun  did come out the day after the Inauguration of Donald Trump.I chose not to watch any of it on TV
my own way of protest
In fact not only did the sun come out here in my Michigan  garden it was actually a very warm day,
unusually warm

We have had an unusual winter here. Frigid temperatures, and snow weeks before Christmas, a whooping 9 inches. By the time Christmas arrived it was gone, washed away with rain.
What happened to winter.

My grass is green, brown leaves litter the corners, the ones that the wind has gathered there, the trees are leafless and the skies are grey. The evergreens have their dark coats on, but there is no snow.
We have plenty of fog though

 I planted my Tulips yesterday, the ones that didn't make it into the ground in the fall, we'll see what happens.
It's not very often you get to do that,  this is a first for me.

Could it be that I'm  reminiscing  about winters of the past. I feel in a way cheated, in a strange way

Winters in January are supposed to be cold with a layer of snow several inches deep.
I check the weather forecast on an almost regular schedule, and feel a little disappointed when there is not even a chance of snow in our near future. It's like a 5th season, the one that is sort of like winter, sort of like  early spring but neither.

I think what I'm really missing is the beauty of the snow, the quiet cleansing effect it seems to give. I love looking out the window late at night and seeing a fresh coat developing, it all seems so still. Waking to a winter wonderland, and hearing snow shovels scraping, and blowers humming. 

Christmas lights under the snow. I always leave some of mine up just so I can see what they look like under the snow just in case our holiday was a snow less one. No such luck.

Maybe the snow will return, there's still plenty of winter to be had here.
If you happen to live in one of those states that usually does not get snow , but have it this year,
enjoy it

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Florist Geoffroy Mottart

Florist Geoffoy Mottart, Guerrilla flower crowns and beards atop monuments in Brussels.

Friday, January 13, 2017

The winter container garden

Today it was a whooping 19 degrees, which is actually an improvement over some of our recent temperatures.
Most of us are dreaming, and remembering warmer days...... that is for the one's of us who don't much care for winter with it's snow and all.

Most gardens have been cut back, covered with snow and ice, and have been put to rest 
waiting the arrival of spring. Snow shovels have replaced rakes and trowels. Bags of soil have been replaced with bags of rock salt and a casual stroll through the garden has become a mad dash for the garage or the house. This is most peoples idea of winter.

Red's, purple's, pink's, and various shades of green, all colors of the garden have been replaced with grey.
If frigid was a color what would it be. 

The winter garden does not have to be bleak and colorless. This is a garden to be enjoyed from the inside, out of winter's harshness. This garden does allows green again, and can be beautiful.
With the addition of lights the winter garden can make the long nights of winter a little brighter, and a little warmer.

Evergreens, as their name suggest are evergreen, and find comfort in the winter garden
They come in an array of colors and textures, some with the added bonus of berries.
most importantly they come with strength, strength to handle what ever winter has up her sleeves

Along with using evergreens in my winter container gardens I like to use branches of red twig dogwood, yellow twig dogwood  and others. 
The last couple of years preserved Eucalyptus has become a favorite material, because of it's durability and colors.

Fake fruit is also a favorite. I like the Williamsburg look they give..... if that is in fact a look.

Pusy willow branches have a double purpose in the winter container garden. These reddish brown branches add height, and grace to an arrangement. These branches also are some of the first to flower in the spring when their Catskills shed and the velvet like buds come forth. Two for one, it's a win win thing 

The containers above feature another new material for me, Oregania, or a variegated boxwood. I think I'll be using it a lot more in the future.

Magnolia leaves are another favorite, dark glossy green on one side, velvety brown on the other. I special order these.

White pine
the tips remind me of a familiar pets tail bristly and soft all at the same time

The winter garden, with it's blanket of snow can bring much pleasure, it's a garden for the eyes 

Enjoy the season, this we like.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Wishing you a happy new year!

January 2nd, still wishing you all a happy new year. 
A look at  the garden holiday decorations here at  home. 
may your new year be healthy,
wealthy, and may we all be wiser