Monday, May 23, 2011


Finally spring has arrived, or at least something warmer than it has been. My tulips, that were planted in January..."yes I know You are supposed to plant them in the fall" but I was busy and winter came quick last year. Anyway, my tulips are finally blooming (never mind the Boulder's, this was one of the "Bad Cats" designs, we'll talk about that later)

Finally I was able to wear shorts!

One of my clients has a charming courtyard, she just came back to Michigan after wintering in warmer climates, I like to give her a welcome home planting.

Her backyard has a park as the backdrop, and as you may have guessed she likes purple. In a setting so beautiful, I like purple too

Lime green sticks add color to this concrete pot, and picks up the green of the sedums and take it to a new height, I love it!

Purple sticks add texture and color and make the pots more modern

I love Ferns, this is another client's garden,  and these are the perfect green right now. Finally spring has arrived, and fresh green is the color in vogue

Finally the other "bad cat" can sit in the window, and finally enjoy spring, and so can I.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Spring Favorites

Spring is trying to show up here in Michigan, I decided to help out by planting some spring containers

Viola's, Pansies Ornamental Cabbages along with other cool weather loving annuals were used in these plantings. I find that cool weather do well because they don't have to deal with the stress of summer heat and drought. Un-like me they prefer the cool temperatures and thrive in it.

There are not many plant choices this time of year to add height to containers, I like to add branches to give height,drama and interest to pots

 Some of the plants will carry on to the summer plantings such as this Lysmachia, hopefully it will be cascading over the edges of these boxes and will give a more established look to the summer plantings that are yet to come.

It will be a shame when I change out these plant for summer annuals, by then all these plants will have  grown and blended together. But these are spring favorites, they were never intended to last and must be changed to allow summer to have it's place in the sun, but I'll enjoy them for as long as I can.