Wednesday, May 30, 2018

What's been going on

The month of May was a challenge for most gardens here in Michigan. We had unseasonable cold weather at the start, followed by record breaking heat.

Gardens were as shocked as most people by these drastic temperature fluctuations 

We did not have a gradual warm up, or a real spring, nope we went from winter straight to summer.
Torrential rains, and high wind storms, a wild ride for us all. 

Spring annuals grew fast and became "Leggy" almost overnight, colors faded quickly

Now it's time for summer annuals, I feel cheated of a season,
Oh well

Saturday, May 19, 2018


Spring is here in it's full glory, it took it's sweet time to arrive.......
but all is forgiven

How can we be angry with a show like this!

The Crab-apple trees are Amazing

The "Redbud" trees were the best I've seen in years

The Cherry trees, Magnificent 

We had lot's of rain making everything lush

The first year I've really noticed the red maples

Enjoy these fleeting moments of spring they won't be back til next year....... and won't be the
same ever again.