Friday, March 22, 2013

Distressed wood figures

Aron Demtz is an Italian Sculptor who works in wood.
I find these pieces fascinating, hope you enjoy.
Distressed Wood 
More about this artist can be found at his website.
Aron demetz 

Pierre Pellegrini

Since Winter is still in full force here in my Michigan gardens I thought I'd share with you some beautiful black and white photos of trees by a photographer
Pierre Pellegrinni 
The fog makes his photograpsh even more erie don't you think 
The colors and the feel of my gardens.
Hope you enjoyed these long tree exposures. You can see more at his website.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Missing the colors

I've heard that cats do not see color, it's a shame
My professional life as a Gardener depends on color.
This time of year the colorless landscape that surrounds me is probably much like what my cat sees.

 Here in Michigan the colors of the four season are clearly represented......I am lucky for this.
But now I'm tired of the colors of winter and can hardly wait for spring to arrive, not just with new colors, but warmer temperatures too.

March is the cruelest month here in Michigan. Winter is still here, like a house guest who has no plans of leaving any time soon.
The days ar longer, thanks to that daylight saving thing, really it just a hour more to see how dull the colors are before nightfall. 

The colors of winter are no longer as exciting as they were when winter first arrived. A landscape covered in white snow now just makes me sad.

Blacks, browns, greys. Dirty snow and Ice, dead looking lawns, the color is hay. Naked tree branches with buds waiting to open. Dead leaves waiting to be cleaned up. Not the most colorful scenes.

I miss the colors of the growing season, there are too many to name, though green is most predominate, I long for some signs of green this time of year.

When the snow gets washed away, I find myself walking around the garden looking for the Crocus and the tulips I planted last fall. Mostly what I find is cold wet soil and dead leaves.

I know spring is only moments away, right around the corner, and I probably won't be prepared for it's usual.

It will be weeks before we can really say spring is here, signs are showing up across the country, soon our turn will come. Mother Nature will flip the switch, open up a can of color.

But he waiting drives me crazy!!

  I will once again be enjoying the colors of the season with my cat, I like to believe he can see what I see.
Snow and cold temps are in the weather forecast

Sunday, March 3, 2013

birds nest

A sure sign of spring in my garden are the return of the robins.
I watch them picking at the soil, digging worms for their young, and building nest.
I have not seen any yet though....too early
Meanwhile I'll share with you some pics of some strange and unusual birds nest in Africa.

 These nest can house of to 100 birds or more of several different species.
I'm glad our Robins don't build nest of this magnitude.

 It's now March, winter will be over soon and the Robins will return.