Monday, December 31, 2012

Snow on Broadstreet

To much enjoyment we did have a white Christmas here on Broadstreet.
The wreath on the front door has it's winter white coat on.

A view from the front porch shows how the street looks dressed in snow.

The roof top garden is sleeping.

The winter pots under the snow look bulky and heavy.

 The backyard pot.

The Arborvitae shrubs got decorated for the season too with the help of Mother nature. She did a better job than what I did.

This view from the roof-top garden looks sleepy and silent. The season of black and white.

The undisturbed snow on the back lawn.......all is well, quiet, and still

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Light Bright

I know the true meaning of Christmas, but I love the decorating part of it too.

Since I was a small I've loved the lights. This is one of my neighbors Christmas light display that I put up for her every year. She loves the lights too. I took over the job of decorating her house after her husband became ill

She has the brightest house on the block. This we both like.

This her way of saying Happy Holidays. This I enjoy

Red and Green

Red and green are two colors that work together great this time of the year...dont you agree.

White twinkle lights tucked inside the boxwood will give a subtle glow to these pots. The red lights are only on the evergreen collar. The look is Chic.
The pots flank the door, red berried wreaths were later added to the light fixtures by the home owners, completing the look.

Red eucalyptus,  red twigs, boxwood, red lights and noble fir tips say seasons greatings in a most traditional way with red and green.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Home for the Holidays

Enjoy some of my home for the Holidays.


May your Holiday be Bright.

And Merry

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Un-Believable Ceramic Art

I thought we'd take a little break from Holiday post and share some art work.
This is an amazing piece by Christopher David White called,  "Cycles of Decay" Amazing because this is a ceramic piece.

What I find so cool about this piece is how he made ceramic art look like petrified wood.

The detail is truly amazing.
Fantastic. Un- believable. Very cool.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

XMas Cookies

It's that time of year again, no not spring cleaning...though my house could use that too.
It's "CHRISTMAS COOKIE MAKIN' TIME!! At least that's what Christopher said. Who am I to argue with that.
Come on people we're talkin' COOKIES here and Christmas, two words that bring joy to so many. In case you didn't know I'm all about the joy.

Christopher just doesn't make those "roll balls in your hand type of cookies"  OH NO he's mister pastry bag and chocolate drizzle cookie maker man, Mr. Fancy Pants. He uses a pastry bag to make all those wonderful shapes.

I think I herd Martha Stewart jealously well she should be.

The recipe is a butter Spritz dough, these cookies literally melt in your mouth.

Not only are they pretty...they are also good for you......well, maybe not good for you. They will however put a smile on your face ....and that's good for you.... right!!

Mmmmmm the strawberry preserves and a dusting of walnuts.

Joni was on the floor makin' sure Martha kept in the corner.

Thanks Christopher for making the cookies.
A holiday tradition I will keep in my heart forever.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

A winter garden

Not all my clients desire the somewhat gaudiness that is associated with Christmas winter pots, they desire a more subdued look to winter,  no red or green balls here please....I'm happy to accommodate them.

Winter pots must be ready to withstand the winter ahead, the materials used must be strong and resilient. Just as important they must be beautiful.
These pots include a mix of live and artificial elements.

Apples and pears for the winter? sure why not.  The assortment of fruit is not real, there fore it will last throughout the winter. My clients will enjoy this look from their house.
White washed Eucalyptus and snowballs of Styrofoam. Each pot has lights to illuminate them as well as miniature  twinkle lights on the evergreens and the plant climbers.

Winters here in Michigan are long and dark. The white Eucalyptus will bring some light to the garden at a time when daylight is at a minimum.

Do winter pots need to be white like snow....I think not. At a time when so much of the landscape is brown, tan, and beige it's nice to have some color in the garden.

Snow will completely change the look of these pots ....That's a look I look forward to seeing.

Southern Magnolia is a material not of my region. The cut branches can withstands our Michigan weather. I love the look and plan on using more in the future.

If you look closely at this picture you will see the Eucalyptus berries. This is my first year using them, the fragrance is unbelievable. I'm sure if they withstand the winter ahead I'll be using more of them.

Enjoy the winter.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Season is RED

Red is a favorite color this time of year. Red is the color that most of my clients shy away from in  spring and summer plantings,  but come winter...... red is all the rage. This I enjoy.

Red clearly represents the season,  it's the color of a childhood Christmas memory. Santa's red suit, Rudolph's glowing nose, and candy canes.

Red twig branches, red Eucalyptus ,and red berries with a collar of greens lets all visitors know " we welcome you to this season"  A evergreen swag with a red bow was later added to the door.

Red is festive. The red ornaments in the trees add a bit of whimsy to this holiday scene.

 I'm glad this client choose red for winter.
Oh what fun.